't Bottelke

Blond beer – 6% Alc. Vol.

't Bottelke bier jessenhofke

House beer of the Bottelarij

‘t Bottelke is a house beer of the Bottelarij. The beer was brewed with Belgian, organic hops from Joris Cambie from Poperinge. ‘t Bottelke is a blond beer with a soft citrus touch due to the unique taste of the lemongrass that was added. The addition of the lemongrass is an idea of Jef Vanhove, employee of AKSI vzw and also a hobby brewer. During consultations with Jessenhofke, he also formulated other proposals (a very hoppy beer with a lot of taste, addition of wheat) that Gert Jordens has set to work.

The result is a smooth drinking beer with a balanced bitterness and hoppyness. A 6% beer, ideal to enjoy on the terrace of the Bottelarij between the 125-year-old walls of the former St. Rochus brewery.


Water, barley malt, wheat, bitter hop challenger, aroma hop wgv, unraffined cane suger, yeast, lemongras and nothing else.

* from certified organic origin.

Storage conditions

Store upright, cool and in a dark place.

Pouring conditions

In a Jessenhofkeglass, ideal between 8° & 11° C.