Contract brewing


Have your own beer brewed

Jessenhofke also offers contract brewing. We have now gone through this process more than 70 times for various customers.

Our method

The first step is an exploratory conversation in the brewery where I will ask a lot of questions that you must be able to answer before we can start.

To protect our company, from this conversation, we have drawn up a non-disclosure agreement (necessary because we provide a lot of knowledge about our business model, more details about this during our conversation).

Based on your answers, we then work out the recipe further, determine the quantity and filling conditions of the chosen recipe. We can currently offer the following quantities through various installations: 300l, 600l, 900l, 2000l, 4000l, 8000l and 11000l.

The solution can be either a label beer from an existing beer from our range or a completely newly developed recipe.

These beers can be offered in 33cl (Steini), 75cl (Biere Belge) or barrels of 10l or 20l (the latter both in stainless steel and one way).


If desired, these beers can also be added to our range for distribution (we have a distribution agreement for this) with rights and obligations for both parties and of course a fair profit distribution to customers. In the latter case, it is necessary that the developed recipe bears an organic label.

contract brouwen


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