Hoppy blond beer – 6% Alc. Vol.

blond bier herkenrode

Arvum, Latin for “field”

The grain produced at Herkenrode Abbey is used for various purposes: the lower-quality grains are used for animal feed and 10% of the grain remains as winter food for birds and wild animals.

The high-quality grains deserve a better destination and are sold as organic flour through the ‘Shortweg Nature’ project of the Regional Landscape Haspengouw en Voeren. And the barley has become malting barley… that’s how the idea arose to develop an organic beer.

The slogan on the beer is a good reason to take some time for yourself and enjoy the peace: “Just like the field, sometimes the mind has to rest in order to become fertile again”.

In addition, you contribute to nature and landscape management at Herkenrode Abbey by drinking ARVUM.


Water, barley malt*, farinaceous wheat water*, barely*, wheat*, spelt*, rye*, Belgian hop*, unrefined cane sugar*, herbs*, yeast* and nothing else.

* from certified organic origin.

Storage conditions

Store upright, cool and in a dark place.

Pouring conditions

In a Jessenhofkeglass, ideal between 8° & 11° C.