Den Ouwen Bock

Tripel – 9% Alc. Vol.

Den Ouden Bock Jessenhofke

Tribute to Ernest Debock

Seven years after the launch of ‘t Bottelke in the summer of 2017 – the first “Bottelarij beer” – Ann Debock, managing director of AKSI vzw (of which the Bottelarij in Ulbeek is part), and Gert Jordens, owner/brewer, are on strike from Brouwerij Jessenhofke from Hasselt, put their heads together for the 2nd time.
The result of this beautiful collaboration between the Bottelarij and Brouwerij Jessenhofke, the new Limburg tripel “den Ouwen Bock”, has been available since this week.

A launch event took place on Wednesday, July 3, when Yannick Boes, former CEO of Cristal Alken and promoter of Belgian beer culture, tasted the first bottle of den Ouwen Bock.

Den Ouwen Bock is a powerful beer, just like the man this creation is a tribute to, Ernest Debock, father of Ann Debock, managing director of AKSI vzw.


Water, pilsner malt*, munich malt*, oats*, challenger*, goldings*, unrefined cane sugar*, spices*, yeast and nothing else.

* from certified organic origin.

Storage conditions

Store upright, cool and in a dark place.

Pouring conditions

In a Jessenhofkeglass, ideal between 8° & 11° C.