Brein Storm

Blond – 6% Alc. Vol.

brein storm bier

Storm in a glass for more brain!

Brein Storm VZW is an organization that wants to fight against chronic pain. They want to bring about change by selling unique regional products, such as the Brein Storm beer. A % of the profit goes to the Brein Storm fund, where they support research into chronic pain in children and adolescents.


Water, barley malt*, wheat malt*, hop challenger*, goldings*, pilgrims*, unrefined cane sugar*, Sanguisorba minor*, Satureja Montana*, Hyssopus officinalis*, Thymus vulgaris*, Myrtus communis*, Allium sativum*, top fermenting yeast, refermentation on bottle and nothing else.

* from certified organic origin.

Storage conditions

Store upright, cool and in a dark place.

Pouring conditions

In a Jessenhofkeglass, ideal between 8° & 11° C.